• 5 Day Challenge

    Take my 5 day challenge to find a focus for your Global Life on the Move. This covers ideas from a single project through to a new career.

  • Thank you again Susanna for the coaching session and fabulous support and ideas. I can hear your voice in my head and I'm so excited about the future!! I'll keep you posted very soon about my progress! Thank you!

    Jen RG

  • Lost direction since moving overseas?

    If you have given up your career to move overseas and follow a job opportunity for your partner, it can be tough.

    Initially the relocation process will take all your time and energy. If you have children, their needs will also take a lot of your time and energy.

    But there will come a time when you feel that it is time to regain YOU. YOUR ESSENCE. YOUR PASSIONS. 

    You have come to the right place, as in 5 Days I can have you back on course, and full of energy for the possibilities ahead. Take my 5 Day Challenge this week and you will stop looking back.

  • Re-Light YOUR fire!

    Time to focus back on YOU

    • You have settled now in your new location and daily life has a routine.
    • BUT you feel something is missing.
    • Supporting the family needs is all very well, but your brain needs focus.

    Take the 5 Day Challenge!

    Take 30 minutes each day over only 5 days to refocus on YOUR needs, interests and talents. Reignite your internal fire.

    Your challenge focus could be based on anything from a home project, to a blog to a new career, dependant on your desires. This challenge will work equally well for the smallest idea to starting along the road to world domination. Every journey starts with a single step.

  • Your 5 Day Challenge

    Every day you will receive

    • An e-mail from Susanna with that day's challenge task to complete.

    Just 30 minutes each day is all it takes to refocus on YOUR needs, interests and talents.

    On the 5th day:

    • You will be full of energy with a buzzing mind
    • You will have chosen an idea that can be started immediately
    • You will have gained confidence in your abilities and what you can offer to the world

    All in just 30 minutes each day over 5 days.


  • I don't have time!

    I have designed the 5 day challenge as a course that gets delivered direct to your inbox each day over 5 days. 

    You need only to reserve 30 focused minutes in each day to follow the course.

    Your brain will however keep thinking on the questions and don't be surprised if that shower time brings you inspiration too.  Once you have the right firewood, the ignition is far easier.

    The important aspect is that you are thinking back about YOUR needs, YOUR passions, YOURSELF.

    To thrive rather than just survive on an expat assignment it is very important not to leave behind what makes you tick as a person. 

  • Susanna was an immense help navigating and shaping my career living abroad, after I moved as a trailing spouse to France. She helped clarify and set priorities and was a great cheerleader while we got settled... Her experience living and working worldwide, adapting successfully to different cultures combined with compassionate and practical advice was very helpful for me... it is not a luxury to get some expert help in these challenging circumstances in which you can easily feel alone and solo. So again, a big thank you Susanna!

    Henrike G


    Costs less than a haircut AND the result lasts much longer!

    So really, how much do you spend on a haircut?  Sure, the hairdresser catches you up on local gossip, listens to your woes... but I can help with so much more - your future sanity!  When you first move to a new location you risk your appearance when walking into a new hairdresser for the first time. No risks involved with this course, as if you are not satisfied, I will refund your money 100%. No hairdresser does that for you.


    Cost: Less than €10 per day.

    Investing in your career and future direction is priceless. I have decided that you deserve a fantastic deal and a chance to open your eyes to a new focus in your life. 


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    ONLY €49

    (APPROX GB£35/US$55)

    Once the payment is processed, I will personally send the PDF containing everything you need to your email address. If you have not received the course within 48 hours after payment, please email me at susanna@jumpoverseas.com Please make sure this address is in your contacts, to avoid spam filtering.


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