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  • Arrrrghhhhhhh!

    Are you feeling a lack of direction on your relocation journey?

    Not sure of the way forward?

  • It is very common and natural to feel lost and down-hearted when starting life again in a new place.

    Shout 'HOORAY!' instead.


  • Let me help you JUMP for JOY when you relocate overseas! I know the small hurdles and the big mountains that need to be climbed. I believe with my help, you will be jumping with joy too.

    Susanna Reay, owner Jump Overseas

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    The Jump Overseas Academy offers individual modules that coach you through your relocation journey.

    The academy is run 100% on-line for easy and continuous worldwide access. You may choose to follow a single module, or work through each module sequentially, dependant on your needs.

    Each coaching module includes two One-on-One Skype calls. The first call will be at the start of the month to kick-start your coaching and to make sure any unique needs that you have will be met throughout the 4 weeks. The second call will be near the end of the four weeks to confirm that you have understood all the material and taking the recommended actions.

    If you prefer a single session of advice to kickstart your journey or brainstorm current hurdles, then that too is possible. 

    Coaching is about getting the best out of where you are at. Often the hardest hurdle to jump is recognising that you need a helping hand to stay on the track you imagined at the start of your relocation process. 

    The strongest person knows that their strength comes from being able to ask others to help them.


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  • The Academy Modules:

    Each module covers emphasises a different need that needs to be improved within your new life.

  • My 'to-do' list is out of control!

    • What are the important elements you should investigate before embarking on your new life?
    • Have you planned for everyone in your family? Including your pets?
    • Are you aware of the main cultural differences in your new location?

    This module focuses on the planning and research needed when you relocate. Make sure you do not miss any crucial steps in making sure the decision for the next stage in your life is the right one.


    I need Susanna, the planning guru!

  • Making new friends is tough.

    • At your new location and feeling lonely?
    • Wondering where to start to get to know new people?
    • Need support to step out the front door?

    I can teach you my secrets to fast integration.

    Let me guide you through the steps you need to take to build your new social network, make friends locally and integrate into your new environment.


    Susanna, share you social secrets with me!

  • You had a job. You gave it up to follow your spouse. What next?

    • You chose to move abroad and give up your job - but now feel 'empty'?
    • How can your work talents be kept up to date when local work is tough?
    • Have you thought about how you can work from home?

    The digital world has opened up many avenues that today means the expat spouse no longer needs to have a huge hole in their work experience when at a posting overseas. Unless you want to that is. Take this course and learn how to earn from your home.


    Coach me on Expat Careers

  • You can't work, but need focus.

    • You are settled now and daily life has a routine, yet you need a daily focus?
    • Time to find your passion and look to the long-term!
    • Need to be held responsible to get things done for YOU (not the family?)

    Take the 30 Day Expat Challenge!

    Over 30 days we will focus on your needs, passions and talents to ignite your internal fire. This could be based on anything from a hobby, to a blog to a new career. Includes technical support to set up a basic blog or website to showcase yourself.

    I love a challenge - game on!

  • Moving a Family is complex.

    • How do you start with finding the truth about schools in the new country?
    • How do you discover which area is right for your family?
    • How do you handle culture shock in kids? What is a TCK?

    Together we will work through all the elements needed to move your family, from education, daycare to housing. Focus is also placed on the emotional needs of the family.


    Expat Family help required please

  • Time to go Home.

    • But it's my home, why am I lost? How has it changed so much while I was away?
    • Why is no-one is interested in our time away?
    • How do I handle reverse culture shock?

    More questions than answers?

    Debriefing is essential for success on repatriation. This course will help you put your time overseas into perspective, looks at your present needs and help plan for your longer-term future.

    Debrief me Susanna!

  • Your commitment:

    You commit to spend at least 30 minutes each day of focused time on the module plan, making sure that each day brings progress. But of course, the more you put in, the greater the rewards.


    Academy modules are designed to run over a 4 week period.

    • A guided e-course delivered direct to your inbox.
    • Weekly accountability emails to monitor your progress and keep you on track.
    • Two 40 minute personal coaching sessions over Skype or phone.
    • Access daily to your personal coach via e-mail during the module.
    • Membership to the inner circle of Jump Overseas members. This is priceless as connecting with others in a similar situation will always be guaranteed to give you heaps of encouragement and support as needed. In this circle you can be as honest as you like with no repercussion to those in your new situation, or old friends and family.



    If this sounds too much, check out my 5 DAY CHALLENGE

  • Join me in the Academy.

    I look forward to getting to know you and share my years of experience jumping overseas.

    See you in there!


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