• You have your date that the packing team will arrive. For insurance reasons, you are not allowed to pack. So it’s time to put your feet up right?
    Not quite. 
    The secret to packing well for a jump overseas is Preparation, Preparation, Preparation.
    Yes, the removals team will pack everything for you, but they will not know what goes with what, where you will want things or if something is special. 
    So follow my five top tips to set up your move to be as smooth as possible. Good preparation makes for easier unpacking at the other end and more importantly a faster settling in period. The sooner you can say goodbye to boxes the faster you will feel at home. 
    1) MAP IT If you have new accommodation already set up, make a list of all the rooms, and how you would call the: Bedroom 1, bedroom 2, lounge, kitchen etc next look at your existing accommodation and see if you have the same number and type of rooms in the new accommodation. If these sync up perfectly, CONGRATULATIONS! You have achieved a near impossible dream! Your life will be easy.. if however you are like the rest of us, you will need to do a little ‘Mapping’ of your current house into the new house. Which will be bedroom number 1? If you had an attic / loft / box room in the current house, but don’t in the new house, then where will these items go? Maybe it’s time to clear some of these things out altogether so you have space and are not tripping over things. 
    2) LABEL IT Next important stage it to label any items that are staying in the current property, as well as those that you do not want packing until the last day as you will need them. Cleaning materials and Wifi Routers come top of our list for this one. 
    3) CLEAN IT Yes, cleaning your own items before they get packed will only happen if you do it. Otherwise dust will travel too. If you can afford it, I highly recommend hiring a cleaner to come to your hose regularly on the run up to your move date, so there is very little deep cleaning or hard to reaching dusting required in the final days. The cleaner you can have everything before it gets packed up, the faster the final sweep through will be. 
    4) COLLATE IT Anything that belongs as part of a set, make sure these are altogether. Place the set in the correct room for the destination. Think about items like shoes and coats and make sure they move to the bedroom with the rest of your clothes, so when you unpack you are looking in just one place as remember often when you move, you move to a whole new climate and items that may not have been in season at the departure point could be the first thing you need on hand at arrival. make sure all toys belonging to a certain child are sat in their bedroom. 
    5) OFFER FOOD AND DRINK to your packing crew. They are packing your personal belonging, so it is wise to look after them and make sure you make sure they are feeling looked after. And of course you need to eat and drink too, so it’s little extra effort to provide for all.
  • Chaotic packing days can be a thing of the past. If you follow these top 5 preparation tips.