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  • Repatriation is a Process. A long process.

    This time it is Repatriation. Repatriation for me and my husband but for my children.. what term covers them? Expats? Guess not.. Migrants? Maybe.. they have UK passports but they have never lived in the UK before. All is new to them. This has never been their home before. I must not forget that. Repatriation. That's a first for me.   My life right now: Lists, lots of them, endless lists of what needs to be done.  Dreams or should I say nightmares about packing / unpacking and running out of time.  Teary lost days not knowing where to start with the immense task that lies ahead. Putting

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    Relocated recently? Don’t watch Inside Out!

    *Inside Out has been named "Visa Versa" in some countries.    On a rainy summer holiday afternoon, we decided it was a good time to go to the cinema and watch a movie.  Inside Out by Disney Pixar had great reviews, and the trailer looked funny, so we, myself and my two daughters aged 10 and 8, headed off to see it.   But it turns out the movie wasn’t very funny at all. Sure it had some moments of humour, but mainly, for a family that has just taken the plunge and moved countries, it was a very emotional, heart-wrenching and tear-inducing few hours.   The worst hit was my

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    "Maybe you had to leave in order to really miss a place; maybe you had to travel to figure out how beloved your starting point was."  - Jodi Picoult (Handle With Care)     Homecoming... What does it mean to you?   One Northerner, Two TCKs and me.   My children have never lived in England although they are British passport holders, so this is one whole new experience for them. My husband has never lived in the South. A whole new experience for him. But myself, I am returning to my ‘hometown’. The town where I spent most of my youth (when not living overseas myself). I guess I am a

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    Leaving Expat Life

    ~ I wrote this blog while in the air as I was leaving Expat Life. It was an emotional time, writing my feelings and thoughts was therapeutic. Wow. Leaving Expat Life. After 13 years.  Ug.   Our last day of international school turned out to be a bit crazy due to a tropical storm passing over the region that led to an Orange Alert meaning early school pick-ups while trying not to get completely soaked.   This led to no elongated good byes. No last teary hugs. Probably just as well. My ten year old said out loud that there was no one especially she would miss. But saying the final goodbye in

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