• Do you struggle with that question: "Where are you from?"

    Growing up overseas brings an interesting dilemma on how to answer that simple question. My children - Third Culture Kids from the start - responded from early days with "it's complicated - do you want the long or short answer?"

    Taiye Selasi broaches this subject and introduces a new concept and way of thinking towards this quandary. Taiye points out that all experience is local, and as such she is multi-local not multi-national. Multi-national is a term for big businesses not a single human being.

    This concept resonated strongly with me when I listened to the talk shown above. I am the sum of my experiences in differing locals, not the reflection of a single nation.

    Taiye introduces her 3 'Rs' to help you work out where you are a local of:

    • Rituals,
    • Relationships,
    • Restrictions.

    If this is you, then take a listen, and try the task of working out what your response would be.



  • Video: Taiye Selasi: “Don’t Ask Where I’m From, Ask Where I’m Local”. TEDGlobal 2014 · 16:31 · Filmed Oct 2014.