• I know you haven’t heard from me in awhile and I'm really sorry about that.

    As we all know life can take over. 

    These last few months I have been taking stock of my life and what I want to achieve for myself. Refocusing the lens on me. Not my children. Not my partner. Just me. I have spent over a decade now with the majority of my focus being on my family and I have realised that is not the best way for me to be.

    Don't get me wrong, I love my family. But I have also learnt that some of my energy and spark has diminished while I had to deal with everything expat life threw at me, and then some.

    Our decision to repatriate is also based on the hope that I can bring back my creative sparky and slightly eccentric side as I no longer feel the need to mold into a certain way of being as I did when an expat. If you have lived abroad I am sure you know what I mean. To fit in with the crowd, whether local or expat, you get a bit chameleon-like to make the best of it. It is rare to show your true self.

    At the time of writing the migrant crisis across Europe is still a huge issue.  Last week I decided to bring my internal sculpture back to life as I had discovered a new polymer hardening medium that means I could combine my love of all things textile with sculpture as the medium hardens all natural fibres within hours, making them evening able to live outside. Below is the result.

    Being able to express feelings through art is cathartic and something I plan to work on more when I get the chance. No scratch that, I will not wait, I will carve out 1 morning per week to create something for me in. It will be as important as a meeting to get our finances in order.

    What will you do this week for you? Just you. I would love to hear about it.