• Before you get on the road
    You have said yes to the move.
    But what have you said 'Yes' to?
    There is excitement that you feel now, and it is well worth taking 5 to record these feelings and thoughts. The answers will help you through the tougher settling in times.
    If you always keep your phone with you - write the answers electronically so you can easily refer to add to them in the future.
    If you are a paper lover, take each numbered question, place it at the top of a blank page and leave space to note answers and feelings underneath. Keep these papers in with your important documents. Make a note on your calender to look at this list once a week and add more detail. Then as moving day arrives, tuck it in a safe place to go with you.
    1. What matters to you in your life?
    2. What are your plans and dreams for this new stage in your life?
    • What are you hoping to be part of?
    • What are you hoping to see and to?
    • What are you hoping to experience?
    3. What do you think you will like about this place? This culture? This country?
    • What excites you?
    • What will be different?
    • What worries or frightens you?
    • What do you already know?
    • What do you need to find out about?
    4. What do you think you could do to manage the stresses of transition? Emotional well-being is very important - at regular intervals reflect on how you are feeling.
    • What are the things you find relaxing and refreshing?
    5. Good-byes are hard - focus on and acknowledge those who have played a part in shaping who you are and how they have enriched your life. How will you mark your good-byes?
    A month after your arrival, take the papers out and now reflect on what you wrote - How are you doing in relation with your expectations? Has something not yet happened that you were hoping for? Take one small step each week to keep your focus on the joys of the new location. Every Expat goes through a tough period during the first months if not years abroad, and by remembering who the essence of you was before you moved can help. Do not forget to timetable in relaxation time too.

    Download Printable Take 5 Worksheet