• The Expat Spouse Career

  • One step forward, Two Steps Back

    You don't always get what you wish for...

    The Trailing Spouse. Expat Partner. Expat Spouse. Expat Wife. Accompanying partner.

    Housewife. Trophy wife. Mother of children, Wife of Tom.

    Gah! What’s in a name? Why are all the names for the powerhouse behind an international move so passive? 

    Drives me crazy. Yes, you may not be the one who pulls the big bucks anymore. But it’s quite likely that you did before you moved and were looking for an adventure to take your family on.  

    What about the Expat Spouse Career?

    At the start of my adult Expat experience I was earning more than my partner, and it was tough to say good-bye to the income. But having had the joy of travel imparted into me at an early age, the lure of living abroad was too great. We took the big business International Assignment (IA) option as at that point the firm would also support extra training required for the spouse to move and keep working. I took this financial support and free time opportunity to get my MBA. I specialised in Entrepreneurialship, focusing on Female Expatriate Entrepreneurs. I learnt a lot and it set me off on a great path meeting amazing women, all of them powerhouses in the office as much as at home. But it took time for these women to understand how this could work and involved a lot of effort too.

    But then you move and the first question people ask is “What do you do?”

    It feels odd to quote a past job and not the current situation, but all the current situation terms you just don’t associate with. maybe in time you will, maybe you will come to love the family and house organisation. That may well be enough for you, especially if you have young children as well.

    Or you could be like me. 

    Wanting to keep your brain alive by continuing along a career path AND to enjoy the new country, raise a family and not go insane. It's a hard path to tread but it is possible. For my daughters, seeing Mummy be more than at home and also holding her own in the business world was a model I wanted to show. But not to the detriment of looking after them, I never wanted to have to place my work above their needs. So I found a path that meant I could work flexibly while they are at school, or after they sleep in the evenings. 

  • And you? What do you feel?

    If you are feeling the same way... wondering how to make your own expat spouse career, then keep following me at Jump Overseas, as I share tips on how this can be obtained. With planning, there are ways of keeping up a professional identity while on the move, but you do have to put the effort it in, so it is for sure not the easy path to tread.

    If you need immediate help, I have created a coaching module aimed at the Expat Spouse's needs to still feel fulfilled professionally having given up full-time work to travel. Let me share my knowledge with you about the ways this can be done - sign up for my Jump Overseas Academy. In February I have a very special offer in place - a Pay it Forward system. You enrol in my Academy and sign up for one module, then on completion you decide the value of the coaching that you have received. I will provide a Paypal link for a donation that you would like to pay to help another expat benefit from the same advice. To learn more about the Academy click here.