• Top 10 Pre-Move Expat Questions

  • It is very important before you move abroad to consider how the change will affect your life, and whether you will be happy with those changes.

    Making a jump overseas is not for everyone, but anyone can do it with the right mind set. I recommend that you download, print out and complete my Top 10 Pre-Move Expat Questions worksheet. Complete this on your own, and also let your partner fill it in. Compare your results. Are they aligned? Any differences in opinion between you and your partner are better discussed openly at the start of an assignment rather than after you have left. For a successful relocation it is very important that you are both aligned in your expectations. The questions are based broadly around four areas:

    Paid Employee

    A move is normally talked about when a job opportunity arises in the new location, but before leaping in and saying yes or no, consider the following: Why are you moving abroad? How will this job help your career? Or maybe it will hinder it? What skills do you expect to gain in the new position? How is the contract set up - what would happen if it doesn't work out? Get out clauses are vital when taking a job in a new country as you are a long way from home and finding a new job at the same location may not be easy and required instead another relocation. Are there visa requirements in the new country? If you changed companies, how would this work if your initial company sponsors you for the visa?

    Trailing Spouse and Children

    What will your partner do when you go out to work? Is there opportunity for your partner to continue their career in the new location? Do you have children? Are the schools good for your needs?

    Cultural awareness

    How well do you know the country and culture you want to move to? Are you ready to learn a new language and/or culture? Even if the language is the same as yours, you will find cultural variations from your home country.


    Do you have any health concerns? How might your health or healthcare be affected in the new location? Think about what insurance insurance you may need as most countries operate with private insurance. Consider how the new climate may relate to your health.


    If you would like more help in deciding about whether a move is right for you, and expert advice on hoe to plan for a relocation, look at enrolling in the Jump Overseas Academy and take the Planning Perfection Module.

    Download Worksheet: Top 10 Pre-Move Expat Questions