• Taiye Selasi

    Don't Ask Where I'm From, Ask Where I'm Local

    Great talk re-thinking that age old question of "Where are you from?" which is always a hard on for expats to answer. TCK's and ATCK's will have lived in a multitude of places and be a sum of those experiences. Get a cup of tea and take 16 minutes to listen to this great talk.


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  • Great Expat Videos Playlist

    Just under half an hour of specially selected videos from around You Tube based on the Expat Experience. My favourites are shown individually below in case you only have a few minutes spare right now.


  • The Expat Curve

    Be aware of the emotional transitions you may feel when relocating to a new culture.

    See the Full Article here.

  • Living in Dubai - Expat Community Lowdown

    The issues these people talk about applies to expat communities worldwide. Great to get a real feel to what life is like as an expat.

  • Expat Life in Indonesia

    Tongue in cheek video about expat life in Indonesia. Remember this is funny as it holds a lot of truth... but watch to the end and you will get some more serious feedback as well.

  • Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

    What is it and why should I know about it?

  • Cultural Gaffs

    Greater cultural intelligence will help you avoid cultural gaffs.

  • You know 'like'...

    This talk looks at how we use language - our accent, expressions, and the structure of our sentences. Vera Regan explains why we should listen to these differences, and why language can act as a cultural barometer.

  • Guide to Moving Overseas

    Fun yet informative video giving you the basics to watch out for when moving all your belongings via a container overseas.

  • How Languages Evolve

    Once you move between languages, you will find that learning why the languages have evolved differently helps in learning some elements of them.

  • Sesame St. gets it wrong

    This mini clip from a Sesame St episode in the 1070's shows how NOT to do moving day with kids. It is possible to do it without the fear and tears!

    Article to follow on this.

  • How did English Evolve?

    English is now a universal business language, but it is a real mix of different languages and constantly changes over time.